1. In case any logs are missing then kindly check the reason mentioned under that respective log section and resolve.
    2. Accessibility Service is required for Key, Notification and WhatsApp call recording.
    3. Contact and Application logs will only be reported those are added/removed after installation of Shadow SPY.
    4. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger logging only works with Rooted devices. (or under Key and Notifiation logging)
    1. This is generally happens due to unavailability of Internet connection at device end.
    2. In case logs are not updated for a long time (more then 12 hours) and you are sure that device has Internet connectivity then kindly use below button to request the logs from device.
    Hit the below button to request the device to upload the pending logs.
    1. Make sure there is no other call recording app is installed in target device.
    2. Make sure there is no other Monitoring app is installed in target device.
    3. Two monitoring or call recordings apps may not work same time.
    4. Files are bigger in size so they may need a good internet connection at device end to get uploaded.
    5. Kindly use "Request Logs Command" in above section to get uploaded the pending files.
    Hit the below button to request the device to upload the pending files.

    View pending files (photos and recordings) which are supposed to be uploaded later.

      1. To update/re-install the application, it is recommended to first uninstall the existing version and then install again.
      2. To uninstall the existing version Dial ##000 from target device dialler and follow the steps to uninstall.
      3. In case sCalc is enabled then enter 000 and press = sign to open Shadow UI and use Uninstall button there
      3. When you install again, always download latest version from www.shadow-spy.com/downloads.html.
      5. In case you are installing first time or installing after removing the existing version, do not restart the device (at least for 10 minutes so application can setup itself).
      1. Shadow SPY has nothing to do with SIM change or Country/State change, so application will keep monitoring.
      2. However Internet connection would be required to upload the logs.
      1. Do not restart the device just after installation of Shadow Spy (at least for 10 minutes).
      2. In case you are missing any logs or Go Live is not connecting or any other issue, it is recommended to restart the cell phone once, a restart will start all the logging services again.
      3. Application will auto start its services upon restart of monitored cell phone
      1. People generally use same PC and browser to visit Shadow Console, so caching logs in browser is good option to have fast access to logs and less Internet usages.
      2. In this way you have access to old logs (more then 2 weeks), We at Shadow servers only keep last 2 week logs.
      3. You might want to clear the whole cache for any reason like cache is full, be aware that once you clear cache and login again you will only be able to view last 2 week logs.

      Hit below button to clear cache of Shadow Console and Logout.

      1. For any issue with purchase kindly write us at support@shadow-spy.com with details about your country and Shadow SPY account.